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Monday, November 24, 2014

I am GREATFUL for all of you

Thanksgiving week is a time to give thanks for our loved ones, our health and our lives. I am grateful for all of you and the work we are all doing to grow and create better futures for ourselves and our families. Adelante!! I am so happy that the future of Latinas and our families is leading the conversation in America today. There is nothing more important during these holidays than being together and appreciating our country and each other every day. Ladies, during this Holiday season, it is a good time to contemplate what you want to accomplish in 2015. Many of you have voiced your desire to start a business. Our videocast of "The 10 Question to Consider Before Starting Your Own Business" has been a smash. Thank you all for all the great feedback about how it has inspired you. If you haven't watched yet, it's on our website:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ten Things To Consider

The ten questions you must ask yourself before starting a business are very important for all of us and they were the topic of our live webinar last week. For those of you who could not attend - no worries! We videotaped the webinar just for you, and you can watch from the leisure of your home when your want for the next month. The videocast of our webinar “Ten Questions To Consider Before Starting Your Own Business” is now available on our website at: After you watch the webinar, click and sign in below the video window to receive the PowerPoint presentation as well as the resource solutions page for many of your questions.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Please don't forget to vote!

Power is taken, not given. Take your power as a citizen of the United States - and please go vote! It is our moment!

Last week I saw my mom and I told her it was very important to vote in midterm elections. She said, "Para que - esa gente son todos corruptos?" "What for - all politicians are corrupt!"

How many of us were brought up that way, and deep down inside believe our parents are right? After all, we come from countries where so much was taken from us, and where so many of our people disappeared when they spoke against our governments. Our families forget that we came here for a different life. One in which we have the ability to speak freely, and to be able to have our voices heard. Is it perfect? Nothing is - but it is better than anywhere else in the world, and I know that we all need to participate, speak up, and vote!

I remember the first time I voted, excited to exercise the biggest privilege in the world. I felt then, and still feel today, that one person's vote makes a difference. 

Please don't forget Tuesday!! Take a step tomorrow and go out and vote. 
Please look at the names of the candidates clearly. Look at the referendums clearly.
Make sure you see the Latinos and the women who are running for office. I think you should always vote for the BEST candidate (whoever they are) but sometimes we are the last ones to vote for our own - think about that when making your decision.